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Improved Collector Productivity and Reduced cost.
Debt Manager provides a new, intuitive user interface that improves collector performance by making navigation remarkably easier. The interface helps collectors find what they need faster and address the need to quickly train new staff. Additionally, Debt Manager’s event-base design allows the lender’s operations to work in real-time and eliminates the need for “batch processing.”
Dept manager enables your collections managers to model new business strategies, and then test, compare and improve strategies over time. With Adaptive Control, only the strongest, best performing strategies survive. It also includes simulation capabilities, enabling collections managers to generate “what if” projections—such as predicting the operational impact of proposed strategies.   Debt Manager also includes FICO Collection Scores which further improve the performance of Adaptive Control.

ActionSelect is an analytic solution that determines the likelihood that a customer will respond to any given action (call, letter, email, etc.) Using this information, ActionSelect then uses optimization to ensure that the best action for each customer is selected while considering your business strategies, resource constraints.

- Benefits are following
  * Reduce roll-rates and increase dollars collected while maximizing resource utilization
* Concentrate resources where they will be most effective
* Identify self-cures and non-cures; applying the most cost effective treatment to those accounts that need it
* Determine best action to maximize fee income

As application Framework for Solution Deployment, Vincio is a multi-tiered product architecture, featuring a robust Process Flow Engine to test and run multiple Process Flows and lateral processes simultaneously. The Process Flow Engine can be used as a standalone product, in specific business applications, or applications can be deployed or built atop the Flow Engine to meet specific business needs.

TRIAD lets you make automated decisions based on the organization's overall risk exposure and all the customer's accounts and obligations. Coordinated treatments reduce costs and help you retain and build valuable relationships.