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A Fraud Detected Is a Fraud Prevented: Automatic Analyses Protect Assets and Reputations Fraud prevention requires preventative analysis to systematically monitor business relationships and transactions, which only a software solution can provide. Our Anti-Fraud Management System is a module in the Innovations Compliance Suite that detects patterns associated with fraud. Reviews are integrated in the relevant application process and analyze data entered for indications of possible fraud. They also compare existing business relationships against so-called black lists and fraud attempts that have already been detected, and analyze transactions for patterns of unlawful behavior. Application review is critical to fraud prevention because this is the point at which possible damage can be prevented before it occurs. Anti-Fraud Management system can be called up as a service from within various application processes – from opening a business relationship to a loan application – so the application can easily be compared with fraud indicators. These include, but are not limited to, the following examples: • The same or similar persons, entities, addresses, or telephone numbers in customer inventory from previous applications or previously detected fraud attempts. • The review of matching application data with high-risk entities or undesirable clients against both internal and external databases. Data on existing customers are also regularly compared against black list entries and current instances of fraud. Changes in a customer profile in particular are included in the analysis.

Detect debit and credit card fraud quickly and accurately To stop fraud effectively in real time, financial institutions worldwide trust the scientifically based predictive analytics of Falcon Fraud Manager. Falcon Fraud Manager is the most accurate and comprehensive solution for detecting payment card fraud, reducing losses. It has adaptive analytics, enabling institutions to identify and respond to new threats with unprecedented speed. It also expands patented fraud detection and profiling techniques with global profiles targeting high-risk ATMs, merchants, risky geo-graphic regions and other criteria. Falcon Fraud Manager is the leading solution and industry standard in payment card fraud detection. Built on a robust service-oriented architecture, Falcon Fraud Manager uses advanced analytics techniques that synthesize intelligence drawn from billions of payment card transactions and hundreds of person-years of experience to weight key attributes and identify fraud with the utmost reliability-all in a fraction of a second. Falcon Fraud Manager provides a single platform for card fraud detection-credit and debit – and with a direct link to your authorizations system, you can stop fraudulent transactions right at the point of sale.