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Model Builder for Predictive Analytics is a comprehensive and extensible application used to develop and deploy predictive models. A model provides a score that predicts the probability of an event occurring so that your application can make a decision based on that score. The model evaluates the relative importance of each variable in a transaction record to a target outcome, based on the analysis of historical events. Using Model Builder, your team will be able to rapidly explore data and build complete predictive models – including custom variable generations, optimized score weights, scoring exclusion logic and reason codes – and deploy them for inline or batch execution as a stand-alone scoring system or within business rules flows.

Model Builder For Decision Trees is a standalone, PC Windows application developed by FICO that enables business analysts to design powerful strategies through the comprehensive mining of historical data. With Model Builder For Decision Trees, users leverage historical data to its fullest potential to develop strategies that are tuned to complex and multi-faceted business objectives. The result is a highly efficient development process that integrates the user’s intuition and business knowledge together with an empirical approach designed to extract the greatest value from historical data. This graphical development tool combines data-driven analysis with human expertise to rapidly create strategies that are rendered as easy-to-view, editable decision trees.