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1. Transaction score

Transaction score would be possible to action line increase or early delinquency management which is risk levels of transaction pattern to scoring by weekly or daily

2. CCI(Credit Capacity Index)

- expected effectiveness of CCI

   * control strength for expected loss
   * profit improvement of portfolio
   * establishment of credit facilities process which has a high credibility
   * customer satisfaction and improvement of corporate image

3. Economic impact

- control strength for early action by business fluctuations

- Supply two achievement as below

   * Adjustment to map the scoring result onto forecasted odds by alignment parameter
   * Supply to forecast odds chart for readjustment of cut-off and loss/capital requirement

- expected effectiveness of Economic impact

   * control of expected loss
   * quick risk management of portfolio
   * regulation compliance management as Basell2

4. Multi-goal

Multi-goal model sets two target of different characteristics and will be able to sort the customer who is all satisfied