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We help you make better business decisions through strategy consulting based on Professional knowledge and varied experiences in the credit risk management field. For developing data-driven Strategies, we analyze correlations between model variables and the credit performance which the customers of financial companies have shown. Generally, the variables of strategy analysis are behavior variables of 12months period and performance variables.

We use a FICO’s analytic tools such as MB4DT(Model Builder for Decision Trees) to develop strategies on your behalf. Especially, CART(Classification and Regression Tree) algorithm, which is implemented on MB4DT, is useful to make a optimized segmentation and make a smarter business strategies. Combining FKBCG’s expert Data analysis and business experience of operational levels has led to the creation of many successful challenger strategies in your business decision areas. Our services include:
  * Credit Limit Management Strategy
* delinquent account Management Strategy
* Cross-sell Strategy