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제목 5 Principles of Good Management
작성자 관리자 작성일자 2012/08/29 11:37 조회수 14256

Here are five principles of good management for optimized credit card business.

1.     Balance Risk & Reward
The goal of the most retail financial business should be “the most optimized balance between risk and reward to get desired profit” rather than “minimizing of credit loss”.
Achieving profit goal is something that can’t be done only by reducing the risk but by taking risk optimally under the guaranteed enough spread through reward-risk analysis.
2.     Plan Ahead
The first step of planning is to decide where and how to generate the profit and this step also has to include defining process for achieving the goal.
3.     Manage by Odds
The consumer lending businesses can reduce the risk through statistical methods targeting the large number of small retail customers. The risk control should be done by the customer analysis that combines new customers, existing customers, and potential customers.
4.     Develop & Analyze Management Information 
Designing and analyzing the main business indicators such as profits and costs through implementation of MIS are very important things to do. To do these, you will need analysts who can take care of data, and skillful strategic managers. Also, there must be sufficient and clear reports regarding decision and the core data for the top decision makers.
5.     Assign Responsibility for Managing Risk
There has to be a professional risk manager who can adjust and control the correlations and tactical interests among each department and individuals in the organization in order to accomplish the role of check and balance.

FK BCG can help you to keep up with 5 Principles of Good Management and to acquire analytics and solutions that are required for this, by providing various solutions and consulting for optimal decision through data analysis like below:
- Personal Credit Risk Managing Solution
Data model development, strategy setup and provision of implementing software for credit management of individuals
- Training
Training to cultivate personal credit risk manager based on the advanced best practices and lots of on-site experiences
- Collection Management Solution
Collection solution provision to find out the most efficient method and time to communicate with customers
- Risk Management and Marketing Consulting
FK BCG’s providing services such as limit and delinquency management, strategy setup consulting, monitoring to manage portfolio level, definition for BASEL II etc. in order to use the personal credit scores efficiently. We also have campaign program development service to find out good customers.
- Price Optimization Solution
Price Optimization Solution can achieve both volume and profit of financial organizations at once.
- Marketing and Profit Management Solution
Solution to execute data model development and strategy setup and implement in order to find and retain the good customers
- Big Data Analysis Consulting
Utilization and analysis consulting of Big Data
- Fraud Detection System Solution
FDS solution to prevent illegal use of credit card
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